T H E   L I M B I C   J O U R N E Y

Limbic Fragrances was born from the idea that individuality and our unique connections to scent should not only be acknowledged, but celebrated as noteworthy encounters. Our unique interpretations are influenced by a multitude of experiences, drawn from both a subconscious and conscious state of mind. Scent is personal, it’s profound, and often times quite provocative.

At Limbic, we believe in the evocative power of scent; a resonance so deeply imprinted, there is no denying the connection to our limbic memories, what they mean to us, or what they may end up representing to others. We revel in the unexpected, delight in the expressive, and indulge in pure botanical luxury.

Our formulations are hand bottled on Holden Pond, a private estate near the shores of Lake Michigan and home to our limbic lab and gardens. We pride ourselves in sourcing the finest raw materials from across the globe, and are committed to creating a space where mindfulness is embraced, limbic narratives are cherished, and the personal impact of introspection is validated. 

T H E   L I M B I C   S Y S T E M

Our emotional connections to scent and memory are directly linked to our Limbic System, a complex set of neural pathways, connecting our olfactory receptors with higher order regions of the brain. This complex structure—also known as the emotional nervous system—places the power of scent only one synapse away from emotion, memory, and associative learning.

T H E   L I M B I C   I M A G E R Y

Our philosophy regarding personal scent design is visually depicted in our branding imagery. Similar to the analysis of a Rorschach Test, our inkblot paintings are an invitation to confront the abstract in a more deliberate manner, introducing mindfulness to the way we experience scent.